My History

Mabel Maybanks and her Natural Skincare Products

Mabel_MaybanksMabel Maybanks was my Grandmother. She made her own range of natural skincare products because she believed the purest way of living was the healthiest and I believe in this too. That is why I am continuing her legacy today.

Mabel Maybanks was born in a world free from artificial ingredients such as preservatives and colourings, when our food and cosmetics were not polluted with often harmful chemicals we cannot even pronounce, let alone understand what they are.

I have used her name on my special range of traditional natural skincare products from her original hypo-allergenic recipe and introduced healing vitamins and the purest essential oils as our natural ingredients, with absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives. I have now introduced a small amount of best quality Shea butter for its added moisturising and beneficial skincare properties.

All are Safe and Kind to Sensitive Skin.
All my natural skincare products are hand made in small batches and based on my Grandmother’s original recipe and it is this recipe I am handing down to you. All my products are kind to sensitive skin and gorgeous to use.