Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your products when pregnant?

We recommend that you do not use any products containing essential oils when pregnant. Although there does not seem to be evidence that unborn babies have been harmed through the use of essential oils, we believe that the best approach is to avoid essential oils and perfumes on the skin during pregnancy as some oils can be stimulating and penetrating. There are conflicting views but we believe ‘if in doubt, leave it out’ or consult your doctor.

Our Mabel Maybanks Multipurpose Cream contains no essential oil.

How do I combat wrinkles?

Cellular regeneration is the secret to a youthful skin. The nutrients and proteins in essential oils and minerals can help to maintain and hydrate collagen in the outer layers of the skin. Mabel Maybanks’ products can encourage the regeneration of new cells. The stimulating properties of the essential oils oxygenate the blood which in turn energises the cells allowing regeneration to take place. Nothing can stop the clock but a good skin care regime will help slow it down.

What can I do about sun damage and age spots?

Factors leading to age spots are poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, poor liver functions and above all some damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. Mabel Maybanks puts beneficial vitamin A in both our day and night creams and this is being used with good results. Our lemongrass hand and body cream has also been successful for some people with their age spots. Avoid too much exposure to the sun.

What can I do about acne?

Skin problems are common especially in teenagers and can be most distressing. They are often caused by sex hormones causing an increase in sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. It is the bacteria that lives on all human skin that causes a build up of sebum which becomes infected leading to spots and blocked pores. Cleansing the skin is crucial to avoid skin breakouts. Use Mabel Maybanks Multi-purpose Cream as the soap substitute, wash and cleanse with it, take your make up off with it, even eye make up. Many people have also said that our Lavender Hand and Body Lotion has worked wonders.

My skin is puffy?

When the skin is spongy in texture it usually means that it has become waterlogged. Retention of water by the body may be related to the menstrual cycle, it can be a reaction to certain drugs, allergies, sinus problems, or a sign of illness. Vitamin A can be helpful as found in our day and night creams. Our Multipurpose Cream has been found to be helpful.

I have dry skin what can I do?

Dry and flaky skin requires regular moisturising. The emollients in the Mabel Maybanks creams are especially good for dry skin conditions. All of my hand and body creams have had very good results on dry and flaky skin.

Can I use Mabel Maybanks products after an operation?

I have been asked by cancer sufferers who are receiving burning chemo therapy if they can use my creams? Always consult your doctor first, but with no chemicals, only vitamins, minerals and healing essential oils, sufferers have found our creams beneficial. Vitamin A and vitamin E are especially important in skin repair and our creams with lavender or chamomile have been found to be soothing and restorative.

Why are your Mabel Maybanks products so good?

Nothing artificial is added to our creams. There are no chemicals or preservatives and we only use the finest quality organic essential oils and beneficial vitamins and minerals. But the secret that was passed down to me by my Grandmother, Mabel Maybanks, is in how we blend these ingredients. All products are handmade in small batches so that they come to you completely fresh.

About our shop – Is payment through PayPal safe?

PayPal is the largest internet bank and its systems and processes are encrypted and guarded by the most sophisticated processes available. When you click on the buy button you are in fact leaving the Mabel Maybanks Website and entering the highly secure PayPal banking site. Mabel Maybanks has no access to any of your banking details and your transaction is taking place in a highly secure environment. Once the banking transaction is complete PayPal advises Mabel Maybanks and we then fulfil your order.

Please note that the views expressed above are personal to us and you should always seek professional advice from your Doctor first.

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